You know what’s really great? Listening to music that you like. You know what sucks? Listening to music that you don’t like. It’s a cardinal sin for musicians to put out an album without at least one redeeming track, but it happens all the time, and it’s just so draining. Don’t waste your time listening to something if it’s not going to be worth your while. That’s why we’re putting together this list of reviews on some of the best albums from the last few years — help yourself out and listen before buying! Music reviews will help you with all of these things. 

Music reviews can help you decide whether or not to buy an album.

Music reviews are useful for learning about a band’s history and their aesthetic.

Don’t waste your time with music that will just end up in your collection anyway, and don’t torture yourself with music that you hate.  It’s too easy these days to just have a music streaming app on your phone, and you don’t even have to leave your house!

If you’re not sure about an album, try listening to it for a few songs and see if you like it. If the album is that bad, either return it or sell it. Either way, you’ll get something back from the experience and gain a bit of knowledge while getting rid of something that will only sit around taking up space.

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