Benefits of Slots With Wild Symbols

Benefits of Slots With Wild Symbols

Slots with wild symbols are a popular way to win big on online slots. They substitute for any other symbol to help you complete a winning line, and they often trigger bonus features.

There are many different types of Wild symbols, including wandering, expanding, sticky, and shifting wilds.

Free Spins

Wild symbols are a popular feature in slot gacor and can help you win big money. These colorful symbols can substitute for any other symbol on the reels to create winning paylines, and they can also complete bonus rounds.

In some slot games, wilds can even act as multipliers. If you complete a winning combination with wilds, the payout for that line is doubled, which will make the overall prize much larger.

Another benefit of wilds is their ability to trigger free spins. In some slot machines, wilds can appear on any of the reels and if you have three or more of these on one of the paylines, you’ll get 10 free spins with prizes multiplied by 3.

These extra wild symbols can change their position from time to time, and they may stick to the reel for a while to increase your chances of winning. For example, in NetEnt’s Starburst, expanding wild symbols occupy the entire reel they land on.


Multipliers are a great feature in slots and can really increase your winnings. However, they can be confusing and there are different types of multipliers so it is important to understand them before playing.

In slot online with wild symbols, you can expect to get larger multipliers if you land multiple wilds on an active pay line. This is because they substitute any other symbol on that line, except for scatters or bonus symbols.

If you are lucky enough to find a slot with stacked wild symbols then these can also be multipliers as they multiply the value of any winning pay line that features them!

Most often these types of multipliers are attached to either line wins or specific symbol combinations. They are not as common in base games but do still appear from time to time, and they can make a big difference to your winnings. They are particularly useful in bonus game-awarding video slots where they can help you trigger the bonus round and increase your overall win size.

Stacked Symbols

Wild symbols are one of a slot player’s best friends and have been around since the very birth of mechanical slot machines. These symbols can cross multiple paylines, creating winning paylines from losing ones and helping players collect more substantial profits.

They can also trigger bonus features, like free spins or multipliers. These features help players win big prizes, but they aren’t the only way to increase your winning potential.

Stacked wilds can appear in stacks of 2, 3, 4, or 5 symbols, and they cover part or all of the reel set. They can be found in many online casino games and can offer multiple win lines if they’re accompanied by multipliers.

However, stacked symbols aren’t always easy to find. In fact, a number of slots only feature them during the bonus rounds. These bonuses often involve selecting a symbol to be stacked during each spin or having a mystery symbol revealed. This increases the volatility of the game and makes it more exciting to play.

Sticky Symbols

Wilds are an important part of slots and help players get winning combinations. They can also trigger bonus rounds or free spins, which increase your chances of winning big.

However, Wilds don’t have to be regular symbols and there are a few different types of wilds. These include stacked, expanding, and sticky wilds.

Sticky Wilds are symbols that remain on the reels for more than a single spin. They are especially popular in free spins features, where they can generate huge extra wins.

The number of Sticky Wilds you can get depends on the game. Some slots feature as many as five sticky wilds, while others only have one.

NetEnt’s South Park slot has a neat Sticky Wild feature in its ’Stan Bonus Spins’ feature. During these re-spins, a Sticky Wild symbol appears in the center spot of Reel 3 and stays there for two more spins. Additional Sticky Wilds can appear randomly on other reels and stay put as well.


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